Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the flavored hookah-tobacco last?

The tobacco can last up to 10 months if opened and over a year and a half if unopened. Note, the freshness of the tobacco flavor can be affected after keeping it opened for over 2-3 months. It is NOT recommended to refrigerate or freeze the tobacco, as it adds moisture to it, causing it to burn quicker.

How long will one hookah bowl of tobacco last?

A well-packed clay bowl can last between 35-50 minutes before needing to re-pack.

How long will one charcoal last?

After 20-30 minutes or when you begin to lose significant smoking power.

Are you supposed to inhale the smoke?

Never inhale the hookah smoke. After drawing smoke through the hose, you must immediately blow it out, either through your nose or mouth. Inhaling the smoke will not result in a better hookah experience, and instead may cause nausea, headaches, or stomach aches. Even if you are cigarette smoker, never intentionally inhale the smoke of a hookah.

What is the best Hookah brand?

Khalil Mamoon is the top, undisputed hookah brand in the world. The company has been hand-crafting hookahs for over 90 years in Cairo, Egypt. They continue to set the standard in the modern hookah industry. With thick-gauge hoses and a marvelous combination of top quality brass and stainless steel, these hookahs provide the smoker with the ultimate hookah experience.

What differences do I get in the brands?

As stated above, Khalil Mamoon (KM) makes the best quality hookahs. Some differences with KM versus brands like Gold Star (GS) are more detailed texture and design along with heavier shafts and wide-gauge hoses that draw more smoke. Like all hookahs sold on this website, Khalil Mamoons are 100% hand-crafted and are manufactured from brass stems, unlike other brand, which are made in China on a factory assembly line.

What does the warranty cover?

All hookah stems on this site are backed by a limited warranty. The warranty does not cover broken vases or wear and tear on the hoses. If your hookah is defective, please contact Ahmed@DCshisha.com for an exchange. If you receive a broken vase in the mail, please contact us by email for a free replacement.

Can I avoid shipping fees by picking up locally?

If you live in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area, a local pickup can be arranged to avoid shipping costs.

I’m interested in multiple hookahs, is there a discount or wholesale price?

Please see our wholesale link and submit an inquiry for wholesale questions.

Is smoking hookah legal?

Smoking, purchasing, and owning a hookah and hookah tobacco is 100% legal in every state and in every country of the world. Due to some county or city restrictions, hookah-smoking inside some public buildings can be prohibited and may require approval by the local government body.

Is hookah-smoking a safer alternative than cigarette-smoking, or worse?

Smoking hookah involves smoking tobacco, and even though it is not inhaled, it is still not the best thing for your health. There are endless articles from online sources and within the mainstream media that depict hookah-smoking as something that is far worse for your health than cigarette-smoking. Some famous reports suggest that one hookah session is equivalent to over 20 cigarettes, and the reality is that this claim is completely false and misleading. Unlike cigarette filters, hookahs use water and ice as a filtration device which eases the harshness of the smoke. Another fact is that one cigarette can contain over 4000 artificial chemicals while hookah tobacco is usually completely natural, with the exception of artificial flavoring and coloring used in the tobacco.

Does hookah tobacco contain nicotine?

Hookah tobacco does contain nicotine and nicotine is a substance that is harmful to one’s health. When comparing the nicotine levels found in cigarettes versus the levels found in hookah tobacco, the ratio is 4:1. Cigarettes contain a lot more nicotine than hookah tobacco.

Is hookah-smoking addictive?

Studies show that 80% of regular hookah-smokers are not addicted to hookah due to the lower levels of nicotine. Hookah-smoking can eventually develop into a social habit if smoked every day.

What is Hookah called in different languages?

U.S,Canada,Worldwide: Hookah

U.K and parts of Europe: Hubbly Bubbly; hubble bubble

Egypt and North Africa: Shisha

U.A.E and K.S.A: Moassel

Lebannon, Syria, Jordan: Argeeleh

India and Pakistan: Houkka

Latin America: Pipa de Agua, la Hooka.

Other terms: Nargilies, Nargeela, Water-Pipes, Meerschaums

How Do I Set Up A Hookah?

For help with setting up a hookah, see our How to Hookah page.

What’s the difference between “Hookah” and “Shisha”?

The word “shisha” is the Arabic term for hookah, so they both technically mean the same thing. In the U.S, however, the term “shisha” now commonly refers to the hookah-tobacco or moassel in Arabic, used to pack the bowl of the water-pipe.

Why Hookah?

Hookah pipes provide their users with a social-networking activity that involves coming together, discussion, and relaxation. Hookahs are the best alternative for non-drinkers, who enjoy relaxing/ hanging out with friends/loved ones or would like to attend lounges/clubs, but avoid the alcohol.

Where do Hookahs come from?

There are many different sources that claim the origin of hookah. Hookahs first came from either the Middle- East, or India. Arabs and Turks are noted to have been smoking hookahs as early as the 1300s and hookah-smoking continues to be a very popular activity in those countries today. Manufacturers in nations like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, and the U.A.E, are behind the development of the modern appearance of today’s hookah designs. Over the past 10 years, hookahs have grown to be extremely popular in the U.S, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

What is Hookah?

A hookah is a water-pipe, solely used for smoking tobacco. A traditional hookah set consists of a glass vase as the base that acts as a water filer for smoking, a brass shaft that is coated with stainless steel, a claw bowl to pack the tobacco, and a hose used to draw smoke. Hookahs have been around for centuries and what started out as a cultural tradition has now been a popular activity commonly practiced in the U.S and worldwide.

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