Check List

Before you start, make sure you have all these items:

  1. Hookah Set (Vase, Metal Stem, Hose, Clay Bowl)
  2. Flavored Tobacco
  3. Hookah Charcoals
  4. Aluminum Foil
  5. Toothpick or something to poke holes into the foil
  6. Water
Set-up Instructions

Step 1
Add water until the level reaches the neck of the vase. The pipe stem should be 1.5-2” into the water.

Step 2
If not already fitted on the stem, fit the black rubber grommet at the bottom of the stem and attach the stem to the vase by applying downward pressure on the stem with one hand, while holding the vase tight with the other hand.

Step 3
Place ashtray/coal catcher on the top of the hookah. You are now ready to pack your flavored tobacco.

Step 4
Using your fingers, break apart the tobacco leaves and let the pieces gently fall into the clay bowl. Make sure the tobacco is loose and not over packed so that there is good airflow and it does not clog the bowl. Arrange the tobacco so that is evenly distributed across the bowl. The best way to pack it is all the way to the top so that is almost touching the aluminum foil.

Step 5
Cover the bowl with (2) 6” wide aluminum foil. Cover up the top of the bowl and cuff the sides so that the foil tightly covers the bowl down the middle, shiny side down. Heavy-duty brands work best.

Step 6
Using a toothpick, poke medium-sized holes into the foil in a circular motion. Do not poke too many holes.

Step 7
Use the thick larger grommet to seal the bowl to the hookah stem. Make sure the bowl is air-tight and well mounted on the stem.

Step 8
The best way to light up the coals is on a stove-top. If that is not an option, you can always use a lighter if the coals are the instant-light kind. Using the tongs, light up the coal from the bottom. Keep the flame of the lighter lit while the sparks begin to cover the coal and the coal begins to be red hot. Hold the coal up and blow on it to spread the red coloring.

Step 9
When connecting the hose, ensure it is air-tight using the appropriate rubber grommets.

Step 10
Ensure air valve is closed all the way when getting the hookah started. It can be adjusted throughout the hookah session to control the hookah’s power. Make sure the ball bearing is inside the valve.

Step 11
Take several long pulls of the hookah to get the coal ready. Ensure that the water is bubbling during these pulls.

Step 12
After a few minutes, loosen up the air valve and gently blow into the hookah to eliminate the trapped smoke that appears at the top of the vase. If you feel the hookah is not pulling as powerful as it should, tighten the air valve and ensure the bowl and hose are air-tight.

Step 13
Using the tongs, move the coal around the bowl to increase or decrease the smoking power on the tobacco. After 20-30 minutes or when you begin to lose smoking power, light up another coal by placing the new coal on top of the old one, and then remove the old coal from the bowl.

Step 14
Make sure to dump out the water after every use.

How to Clean your Hookah

The Hose: Never pour water into the hose; always blow into it when disconnected from the hookah to clean out any particles.
The Shaft: It is ok to occasionally pour hot water into the shaft to clean it.
The Bowl: It is not recommended to use water on the clay vase. Instead, wipe off the old tobacco with a paper towel and blow into the clay bowl to knock out left over pieces of tobacco.